The Admission arrangements for Abbot Beyne School are managed by Staffordshire Local Authority. The contact details are

If you wish to apply for your child to attend Abbot Beyne School – Secondary Admissions

For arrangements on the selection of students and our oversubscription criteria please see  Admissions Allocation

The catchment area for this school can be found here – School catchment map

Admissions for current Year 6 students

Abbot Beyne School takes part in Staffordshire County Council’s co-ordinated admissions scheme and all applications are made on the Common Application Form.

Applications can be made online from 1st September 2023 up until 31st October 2023.  Application Form

Where the number of applications is greater than the published admission number, applications will be considered against the criteria set by the Local Authority.

Timeline for applications

  • September 1st to October 31st – Application period
  • November 1st to February 28th – Staffordshire Local Authority process applications
  • March 1st – Parents /Carers will be notified by Local Authority whether application to Abbot Beyne School has been successful.

If an application has been unsuccessful then an appeal can be lodged with the Local Authority. These are heard in April and May by an independent panel.

Admission to the school other than at normal point of entry (classed as an In-Year Admission)  

The decision to change schools can sometimes have a negative effect upon a child’s education and therefore it needs to be considered very carefully. In all cases a child should not be withdrawn from formal education before an alternative school place is secured. Please take careful consideration before deciding whether or not to apply for a transfer between local schools for reasons other than a house move. Moving school without confronting the issue may help in the short term but in the long run it may not help your child.

This application form is for completion by parents/carers who have recently moved into the Abbot Beyne catchment area or any other parent/carer who can fulfil the admission criteria and wishes to complete an in-year transfer to Abbot Beyne School.

School will advise parents of the outcome of their in-year application within 10 school days but at the very latest within 15 days.
In the event that the place is refused information about the independent appeals process will be detailed in the letter.

Sixth Form

Please see our Sixth Form page for admission into Abbot Beyne Sixth Form.