Reporting Absence

As full time students, we expect Sixth Form students to be in school all day every day. When students do not have a timetabled lesson, they will be expected to undertake Independent Study in designated areas in the school.

Any student unable to attend school should email Mrs Timson on with the reason for the absence or contact the Absence Line at Linnell Office. Office Hours are Monday to Thursday 8.00 to 3.45, and Friday 8.00 to 3.15.

Attendance Line: 01283 759007 – Option 1

Planned Absence

If a student knows that they are going to be absent (e.g. visiting a university), they must contact their subject teachers to ensure they do not fall behind with their work.


If students need to miss a lesson during the day for a legitimate reason they must inform Mrs Gwinnett or Mrs Timsonin person or by email before leaving school.

Medical and Miscellaneous Appointments

Doctors’ or dentists’ appointments should not be scheduled at the same time as a lesson – except in an absolute emergency; nor is it acceptable to arrange driving lessons or similar appointments to occur during lesson time.


No holidays are authorised for Sixth Form students. It is not appropriate to book recreational breaks during term time.