Abbot Beyne School, in association with ParentPay, operate an on-line payment system which will be used to pay for school meals, school trips, music lessons and anything that requires payment in the school.

Each parent will have a secure online account, activated using a unique username and password; the user will be prompted to change these, and to keep them safe and secure. If a parent has more than one child at the school, they can merge their accounts to create one login for all of their children.  Making a payment is straightforward and ParentPay holds a payment history for you to view at a later date; Once the account is activated, it is possible to make online payments straight away.
Parents can make payments into the account of between £1 and £250, at any time. All students will be given training on how to use the system.
We require the consent of at least one parent in order that the biometric information of your child can be processed. Please be assured that this information remains within the school and that the biometric information taken is an algorithm and not the actual finger print.

The information below should answer any questions you may have but if this is not the case please email our IT helpdesk at

Frequently asked questions

What is a Cashless System?

A Cashless Catering System is a solution, which is purpose designed to meet the ever evolving needs and demands of the Catering Provision that is required by today’s Schools. ParentPay payment system allows schools to be better able to provide their students with a faster, more efficient and more appealing meal service.

What is Biometric?

Biometric is simply a method of identifying an individual person.  We will be using an algorithm based scan, which reads between 50 & 130 points on the finger/thumb.  It is not a fingerprint and is of use only in the cashless system.

How does a Biometric System work?

The information of a student or staff member, who has been biometrically registered, is stored on a secure Biometric Controller within the school, which only our provider, Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd, can access.  Once an account is credited the student or staff member places their finger/thumb on the EPOS Terminal, which allows them to purchase items using only this method of identification.

How does my child register on the Biometric System?

Staff in the kitchens will help students register on the Biometric System.

How can I check the credit on an account?

This can be accessed via the MCAS app website.

Can I change the daily ‘Spend Limit’?

Yes – The daily ‘Spend Limit’ has a default of £5 but this may be changed by telephoning the school.

What happens if my child’s account is not in credit?

You will need to top up your child’s account.

How do ‘free school meal’ entitlements work?

The Cashless Catering System will, on a daily basis, automatically allocate the appropriate accounts on the free school meal amounts.  Students with Free School Meal Entitlements remain anonymous at all times as all account types are accessed in the exact same manner regardless as to whether paid for or not. Any monies not spent from the free school meal allocation will not be carried over to the next day.

Can anyone else use my child’s account?

No – Due to the extensive security on Biometric templates no-one will be able to access your child’s account.  As a secondary precaution a photo image is allocated to each student, the photograph shown on the EPOS Terminal will alert the operator if a fraudulent sale is taking place.

My child has an allergy, how will this be monitored?

All allergy records registered with the school will be entered on to the Cashless System.  When students attempt to purchase an item, which has ingredients that they are allergic to, the system will alert the operator and prevent them from selling the chosen item.

Can I dictate my child’s dietary requirements?

The system will allow you to register any items that your child is not allowed due to dietary needs or religious beliefs.  Any such items must be confirmed in writing by the parent/carer to the school.

When can I log into my account?

You can activate your account and start making payments using the information sent from Abbot Beyne School IT helpdesk via an email.

Which cards can I use?

ParentPay accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards, and Maestro, Switch, Delta, Electron, Solo and Visa debit cards.

Is it safe to make payments on the internet?

Yes. ParentPay uses leading technology to process your card transactions securely.  All communication with the bank is encrypted and neither ParentPay nor the school have access to your card details.

What about personal information?

ParentPay holds a very limited amount of information about you and your child solely for the purpose of administering your account; however ParentPay does not use your personal information other than for supporting the school.  We do not share or give information to any other organisations.  We operate under strict guidelines set out by the Data Protection Act 2018.