During the pandemic, we have kept our community safe by:

  • Installing outside sinks for each year group to ensure hand hygiene
  • Employing two permanent touch point cleaners
  • Ventilating corridors and classrooms
  • Separating year groups with
    • Separate timings
    • Separate areas of the school at break and lunch
    • Year group teaching rooms
    • Cleaning equipment in all rooms (always used prior to lesson in non-bubble rooms such as Science Labs)
  • Masks have been worn according to governmental guidelines
  • Following all Governmental guidance regarding tracking cases and advising isolation for those staff and students affected.
  • Testing students and staff with LFD Tests
  • Distributing LFD Tests to students and staff
  • Constant review and refinement of procedures due to the changing nature of the guidance and pandemic
Since the lifting of restrictions nationally, we have lifted most controls and measures however some measures stay in place including:
  • Offering hand sanitisation to all students on entry to the building and before eating.
  • Year group segregation at most times of the day – students report, in the main, that they like their own space and behaviour has improved as a result of year group segregation.

NB Students and staff are free to wear face coverings should they wish and some still choose to do so.

Our most recent but no longer active Covid 19 Risk assessment can be found here.