Vision, Values & Ethos

Our vision for Abbot Beyne School is to deliver an outstanding level of education whilst maintaining the students’ best interests at our core.

By working together as a whole community, we can ensure that when students leave the school they are fully equipped to become valued and valuable members of a global community. We believe that through collaboration, determination and a relentless drive for improvement we can fulfil the potential of each and every student at the school.

“Everyone a Learner. Everyone Learning.”  This is at the heart of our message to staff, students, governors, parents and carers. Our work is focussed on ensuring this for all members of our school community, maximising the outcomes for every student and developing all stakeholders at the school. At Abbot Beyne School we believe that students are motivated to achieve their best through challenge, support and encouragement and learning that is tailored to their individual needs.

We seek to deliver our vision through our values which are held by all members of our school community.

  • Showing respect towards all staff, being polite and following instructions first time
  • Showing respect towards each other, respecting our similarities, our differences and above all being kind to one another
  • Showing respect towards our environment, our school, our community and our planet
  • Taking responsibility for everyone’s safety, including our own
  • Taking responsibility by doing our best and completing our work and homework to the highest possible standard
  • Taking responsibility by being on time for school and lessons with the correct uniform and equipment
  • Demonstrating resilience by attending school every day
  • Demonstrating resilience by not giving up, especially when things seem difficult
  • Demonstrating resilience by accepting mistakes, reflecting on them and improving next time

We use this vision and these values to create the great school Abbot Beyne School is today. These set the ethos for a calm and orderly learning environment where everybody works together to ensure success for one another. Through these aims we ensure that our whole community is able to move ‘Onward Together’.