All students at Abbot Beyne School have an iPad which they use to support their learning. iPads have allowed teachers to personalise learning more effectively and to redesign parts of the curriculum to take advantage of the benefits of mobile technology.

Students are able to organise their work more effectively, access a vast range of resources and extra support to help accelerate their learning. The use of the iPad is a part of Abbot Beyne’s relentless focus on improving the quality of learning and teaching that has led to year after year of improving results at the school.

We are recognised as an Apple Distinguished School.

All Year 7 students at Abbot Beyne are provided with a school iPad to assist them with their learning. Upon moving into Year 8, parents and carers are given the opportunity of taking part in a contribution scheme to loan and ultimately purchase an iPad.

The aims of the scheme are:

  • For teachers to harness the power of mobile technology to further enhance classroom pedagogy
  • To break down barriers between home and school learning – improving the quality of homework and learning outside of the classroom
  • To personalise learning and further build the skills of independence, creativity and collaboration through deepening the learning experience of our students

In 2018 we published a book about our work using the iPad which can be downloaded on any Apple device here: –


More recently, we contributed to the following book about our remote learning experience. This can be downloaded here:



Our iPad scheme enables parents to lease an iPad for their child to support our approaches to learning and teaching.  As part of the scheme, you will receive a brand new 32Gb iPad for your child to use for the remainder of their time at Abbot Beyne (and beyond) both in and out of school.  Presuming payments, detailed below, are kept up to date, your child will take ownership at the end of year 11.  In the past, almost all parents have signed up for the scheme and we hope that this will be the same this year.  This is especially important in the light of the current situation where remote learning may be a part of your child’s education. Your child will receive an activation letter for ParentPay when they join Abbot Beyne

The payment scheme is as follows:

  1. The deposit to secure an iPad is £40 – paid via ParentPay
  2. Annual payments of £80.00 (varies each year) – paid via ParentPay (Paid during Year 8 to Year 11)

The iPad belongs to the school for the duration of the scheme until the final payment and is fully insured.