These should be worn to and from school and at all times during the school day.  It is at the teacher’s discretion in classrooms when students can remove their blazer. Sleeves must be rolled down.


Plain black and a suitable length. A suitable length is defined as just above the knee. Pleated skirts are permitted. 

Cardigans / Hoodies

These are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn in school.

Outside coats

We encourage the purchase of sensible coats.  Denim, leather or materials of similar appearance must not be worn at Abbot Beyne School.


Students should have a bag suitable for school ie. not a handbag.  Backpacks are recommended.


Our first consideration is for the safety of our students and therefore jewellery is discouraged.  One plain, small ear stud in each ear is permitted.  One small nose stud, skin colored is permitted. No other facial or body jewellery is allowed.

Make-up and nail varnish

Natural looking make-up and clear nail varnish is permitted. No false nails or false eyelashes are allowed in school. Students wearing excessive make-up, coloured nail varnish, false nails or false eyelashes will be asked to remove them.


No extreme hairstyles e.g. no shaved tracks or patterns, no unnatural hair colours.

If students do not wear the appropriate uniform they will be expected to wear uniform supplied by school. They will experience withdrawal of privileges and other sanctions may be applied.

Disclaimer – The school reserves the right to make the final judgement on any of the above. Reasonable adjustments will be made for disabled students.

Please ensure all items of school uniform and P.E. Kit are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


No jewellery of any kind can be worn in P.E. lessons. All students must remove any nose or ear piercings.

P.E. Kit bundle

At a reduced price the P.E. Kit bundle is available. This consists of the polo shirt, shorts or skort, tracksuit bottoms or leggings, ¼ zip sports jumper and rugby socks.