Our curriculum is based around four 75 minute lessons per day. All of our students have their own iPad that they use in and out of school. We believe that this provides a curriculum which:

  • Is broad, balanced, ambitious and aspirational
  • Promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Develops Literacy and Numeracy skills as well as effective digital learners
  • Prepares students for life after school
  • Offers plenty of opportunities for enrichment and deep learning experiences
  • Builds confidence, boosts self-esteem, engages and challenges students

We ensure our curriculum is accessible for those with disabilities and special educational needs and complies with the Equality Act 2010.

Key Stage 3

For the first two weeks of Year 7 and for two lessons per week up until Christmas all lessons focus on our Onward Together programme, an introduction to life and expectations at Abbot Beyne School.  The purpose of this is to provide a smooth transition from primary school to Abbot Beyne School and ensure that all students understand and support our values.  After the successful implementation of our Onward Together programme in Year 7 we now run a two day programme at the start of Year 8 for students to understand our values and expectations at the school.

In Year 7 to 9, students are taught in ability sets for Mathematics, English, Science, and French.  Students who arrive below expected levels in English receive extra support and a reduced French curriculum.  The remainder of subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.

Subjects Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 7 6 6
Mathematics 7 6 6
Science 5 6 6
Art 2 2 2
Design Technology 2 2 2
Drama 1 2 1
Music 1 2 1
PSHE 1 1
History 2 3
Geography 2 3
French 4 3 3
IT 2 2 2
PE 4 3 3
RE 1 1
Onward Together 5

Key Stage 4

There are  four 75 minute lessons per day on a two week timetable. Students are taught in sets for English, Maths and Science.

Subjects Key Stage 4
English Language and Literature




Science (2 GCSEs)


Core PE (not examined)




Students chose four options from the following subjects ensuring that at least one is from the E-Baccalaureate group of subjects.  Each subject is studied for two lessons per week.

Optional Subject Level 3 progression at Abbot Beyne School
Art GCSE Art or Photography A Level, Art Cambridge Technical Level 3
Business Enterprise Technical Award Business Studies BTEC Level 3
Performing Arts Technical Award Performing Arts BTEC Level 3
French GCSE French A Level
Geography GCSE Geography A Level
History GCSE History A Level
RE GCSE Other Humanities A Levels
Health and Social Care Technical Award Health and Social Care BTEC Level 3
Certificate in Digital Applications ICT BTEC Level 3
Media Studies A level
Music GCSE Music BTEC Level 3 or Music A Level
Food preparation and Nutrition GCSE
Design Technology GCSE
Sport BTEC PE BTEC Level 3
Triple Science GCSE A Level Biology, Chemistry or Physics.  This is not a prerequisite for A Level Science.

Key Stage 5

Most students at Key Stage 5 take 3 A Levels from the following options with 525 minutes per fortnight in Year 12 and Year 13 plus 225 minutes per fortnight of supported Study.  BTECs and Applied GCEs are also available.

Subject Qualification
Art A Level
Art Cambridge Technical Double Vocational Level 3
Biology A Level
Business BTEC Level 3
Chemistry A Level
Criminology A Level
English Language A Level
English Literature A Level
EPQ A Level
Geography A Level
History A Level
Health & Social Care BTEC Level 3
ICT BTEC Level 3
Law A Level
Mathematics A Level
Media Studies A Level
Music BTEC / A Level
PE BTEC Level 3
Performing Arts BTEC Level 3
Photography A Level
Physics A Level
Psychology A Level
Sociology A Level

Personal, Social and Health Education

The aim for students’ PSHE education is to provide students with:

  • Accurate and relevant knowledge
  • Opportunities to turn that knowledge into personal understanding
  • Opportunities to explore, clarify and if necessary challenge their own and others’ values, attitudes, beliefs, rights and responsibilities
  • The skills and strategies they need in order to live healthy, safe, fulfilling, responsible and balanced lives.

At Key Stage 3 students build on the skills, attitudes, values, knowledge and understanding they have acquired and developed at primary school. PSHE education acknowledges and addresses the changes that learners are experiencing, beginning with transition to secondary school, the challenges of adolescence and their increasing independence. PSHE education allows them to be more confident in addressing the challenges of effective learning and making a full and active contribution to society. At Key Stage 4 students extend and rehearse the skills, further explore attitudes and values and deepen knowledge and understanding acquired during Key Stage 3. PSHE education reflects the fact that learners are moving towards an independent role in adult life, taking on greater responsibility for themselves and others. At Key Stage 5 students focus on similar areas to Key Stage 4.  Emphasis is added on preparing them for independent life, work and university.

If you have any questions about the curriculum offered at Abbot Beyne School please contact Mr James Church at the following email address