Abbot Beyne School believes that it is the duty of a school to guide its students to the discovery of lifelong interests and opportunities for self-expression which are vital to the development of every human being.

At Abbot Beyne, we strongly believe that our students deserve the very best opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. That is why we run a fantastic Enrichment Programme which gives students opportunities to get involved in a wide range of projects, societies and activities in Sport, Creative and Performing Arts as well as academic subjects. Many activities are run by our own staff but we also work with external organisations and specialist providers to ensure a high quality offer for students.

Towards the end of each academic year every student in Key stage 3 participates in the Abbot Beyne Discover programme. This provides a wide range of experiences for students to sample, for example, an  introduction to counselling, sign language, animal care and digital animation. All students also take part in our Abbot Beyne Discover Community Sports programme when there is the opportunity to experience lots of different sports and activities including yoga, golf, canoeing and mountain biking.

We believe that these experiences are so important to the development of young people that we have created an Enrichment Entitlement Statement which commits us to making sure we offer a diverse range of 10 different experiences to all students over their time at Abbot Beyne School. We believe that by taking part in all 10 of these experiences, over the course of 7 years, it will not just aid with the academic progression of students but will drastically enhance their personal development.

Enrichment Opportunities offered include:

  • To take part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at all three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold – (see webpage for additional information)
  •  To attend residential trips both in the UK and abroad.
  •  To visit art galleries, museums, places of worship and other places of historical or cultural significance.
  • To become involved in volunteering projects that make a positive impact in the community, both within the school and locally.
  •  To undertake practical fieldwork in an outdoor setting away from school.
  • To visit universities to learn about higher education and trips to active workplace settings to learn about careers.
  • To develop your leadership skills by becoming a Sports Leader or by joining the Student Leadership Team.
  • To watch, or take part in, a live production of a play, musical or dramatic performance.
  • To watch a live, professional sporting performance or match and have the chance to do regular team training and compete in regional and national competitions in a wide range of sports.
  •  To join a range of clubs and societies at lunchtime and afterschool that widen horizons, broaden interests or delve deeper into academic subjects

Trips and Visits

To help parents plan for the additional costs of any trips and visits we have produced the table below which gives a rough idea of what we will be happening during 2022-2023. This is based on our planning for the forthcoming year and also what we ran during 2021-22. We will endeavour to launch a trip 6-8 weeks before the planned date, (or longer in the case of residentials), to give parents enough time to make payments.

  • Year 8 – Bushcraft Residential – Approx £190
  • Year 9 – Bronze DofE Enrolment – Approx £120
  • Year 10 – Silver DofE Enrolment – Approx £160
  • Year 12 – Othello Trip – Approx £20
  • Year 13 – Hebden Bridge Geography Fieldwork – Approx £13
  • Year 13 – Psychology – Trip to Shrewsbury Prison – Approx £20
  • Year 7 – Cinema Trip – Free
  • Year 7 – Whitemoor Lakes Residential – £60
  • Year 8 – Cinema Trip – Free
  • Year 10 – Oxford University Experience – Free
  • Year 11 – Christmas Carol Theatre Trip – Approx £15
  • Year 12 – University of Derby Careers Event – Free
  • Year 7 – Onward Together Harry Potter World Trip – Free
  • Year 10 & 12 – Blood Brothers Theatre Trip – Approx £25
  • Year 10 – Bletchley Park Maths Trip – Approx £23
  • Year 10 – Imperial War Museum London Trip – Approx £18
  • Year 13 – Salford Quays Geography Fieldwork – Approx £12
  • Year 7 – French Onatti Theatre Experience – Free
  • Year 10 – Maths Feast Event, Univ of Nottingham – Free
  • Year 12 – Derby Arena UCAS Event – Free
  • All years – Wembley Trip for England Int. Football – Approx £35
  • Year 8 – Twycross Zoo Trip – Approx £15
  • Year 9 – Adventurous Activities Residential – Approx £230
  • Year 7 & 8 – Big Bang Science Fair – Approx £11
  • Year 9 – Globe Theatre Trip – Approx £20
  • Year 10  – Carding Mill Geography Fieldwork – Approx £10
  • Year 10 & 12 – Loughborough Arts Degree Show – Approx £14
  • Year 12 – London Residential – Approx £250
  • Year 12 – London Geography Fieldwork – Approx £12