Our intent with Photography is to develop independence of mind in refining and communicating their own ideas, their own intentions and their own personal outcomes and enhance their Intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive capabilities

Years 10 & 11

GCSE in Photography – students will learn how to take successful photographs using DSLR cameras controlling shutter speed, f/stop and ISO and utilising all aspects of these cameras.  They will learn how to use professional studio lighting equipment and use industry standard photo manipulation software whilst studying photographers from different eras to influence their work.  Through a variety of starting points over the two years students will develop a series of projects that they will take more ownership of as the GCSE progresses.  This portfolio of work goes towards their coursework grade alongside a project at the end of Y11 set by the exam board.

GCSE AQA Art & Design Further Information

Sixth Form

A level Photography will cover an array of technical skills as well as teaching learners key skills in image analysis, aesthetics in composition and manipulating light.  They will have access to professional cameras as well as industry standard software.

Learners will be able to explore, research and acquire techniques and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of photographic situations.  They will explore relevant photographers relating to traditional and/or digital photography and learn how to utilise their styles, techniques and working methods to influence their own development.

Learners will be expected to demonstrate skills in all of the following:

– applying and using composition in Photography

– understanding and applying formal elements such as colour, tone, texture, shape and form in relation to Photography 

– selecting, editing and highlighting photographic images 

– using appropriate visual language and terminology within Photography 

– manipulating imagery 

– understanding and using relevant conventions and genres in Photography

Over the two year course learners will start with the basics in Photography and build through a series of projects that gradually give ownership to them through a process of development in taking the photographs through to a final image.  The main assessed body of work will be the learner’s choice of theme that develops through Y12 and Y13 with an externally set task at the end of Y13 which is a practical project.  The multitude of skills gained through a photography course makes it a unique subject for students to learn transferable skills to many other areas of their learning.

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