Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. Students find it fascinating to learn what makes us tick and by studying psychology, we can theorise on questions such as: how do children learn new behaviours, how do we create and store memories and are some people more likely to become criminals than others?

During lessons, students will use discussion, research and reading to understand the everyday choices that individuals make and you will even carry out your own investigations to explore numerous explanations of behaviour including analysing factors influencing individuals’ obedience and how our brains work differently to make us individuals. You will begin to appreciate some of the difficulties with being able to identify and treat abnormal behaviour covering a range of mental health problems, from phobias to depression.

Sixth Form

Course Content

Year 12 Topics

Topic 1: Approaches

Topic 2: Research Methods

Topic 3: Psychopathology

Topic 4: Memory

Topic 5: Social Influence

Topic 6: Attachment

Year 13 Topics

Topic 1: Biopsychology

Topic 2: Research Methods (Year 2)

Topic 3: Approaches (Year 2)

Topic 4: Issues and Debates

Topic 5: Forensic Psychology

Topic 6: Schizophrenia

Topic 7: Cognition and Development


Students will be assessed throughout the two years using essay practice as well as end of topic assessments. These assessments are linked to the AQA A-Level assessment framework using specimen or past exam papers.  From September assessment strategies are under review.

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Key Stage 5 – A Level Psychology

Who to contact if you want further information
Miss K Green and Mr J Stafford