As a Greek poet once said “many are the wondrous things, and nought more wondrous than man”. Sociology’s prime benefit is gaining a greater understanding of the complex and confusing yet charmingly simple nature of humans, and the societies in which we organise ourselves.

Sociology studies the taboo areas within our society. Sociology is very up to date – most of the time you can read a news article in the morning and relate it back to Sociology. It studies the reasons for inequalities in all aspects of our society depending on our gender, ethnicity, age and social class. These inequalities impact on our identity, education, status and power in society.

Sixth Form

At Key Stage five (Years 12 & 13) students are regularly assessed during lessons within timed examination conditions. At the end of each unit a formal assessment in timed conditions is undertaken. Students are also tested weekly on key terms and key studies based on their knowledge organisers. More formal examinations take place during the Summer Term of Year 12, in December of and March of Year 13.

Extra curricular opportunities

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